Regular Exercise OutdoorsPurrfect playtime at our Gold Coast Cattery!

Whether your cats enjoy staying active and want to play more regularly or prefer to relax in the comfort of our air-conditioned cat accommodation, all feline needs are catered for at Abbeyards Gold Coast cattery.

We offer exercise in our air-conditioned indoor play area twice a day. Our Gold Coast cat accommodation staff are also on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and your cats receive plenty of love and affection.

Premium Gold Coast Cattery AccommodationRest your paws in style!

Cattery Temperature is Regulated

Both our high rise cat unit and walk in unit are air conditioned at a regulated rate of 24 degrees throughout both summer and winter. This ensures that even if your fur baby is sensitive to the heat or cold, the Gold Coast cattery in which they are housed will be comfortable all year round.

Individual Gold Coast Cattery Accommodation and Shared Walk-in Rooms are Available

For cats that like their own space we offer premium Hi Rise units that allow your feline friend to be able to jump between levels at their own leisure. There is also a cubby hole to snuggle up in when it’s time to relax.

We also offer shared units where two cats can move easily between levels and roam around in their own time. With a hidey hole to tuck themselves away in when it’s time to settle down, your cat will experience total comfort at our Gold Coast cattery.

Bedding & Toys

So that your cat will feel more at home at our Gold Coast cattery we provide blankets for them to snuggle on.

We want your cats to enjoy their stay at Abbeyards completely, so you are welcome to provide us with alternate bedding, blankets and toys, as well as any other items that remind them of home.

Vet Grade Food at our Gold Coast CatteryTime for Dinner!

Cat Food

We feed your cats top quality “Black Hawk” cat biscuits at our Gold Coast cattery. Other wet food we provide includes Whiskas / Purr or Fancy Feast, which is given according to your regular feeding schedule. Just let us know what type of food your cat likes.

At your option you can choose to bring in your own food to our Gold Coast cat accommodation which we will give to your cat at no extra charge.