Frequently Asked Questions

Never boarded your pet before? Your furry best friend require medication? Our frequently asked questions section should put your mind at ease

Q: Is there any extra charge for bringing their own food or special medication?

A: Absolutely none at all! We supply super premium dog food with a range of flavours & extras (for those super fussy babies!). You are more than welcome to bring their own food if you’d prefer

Q: My dog is scared of storms, will they be okay if a storm hits?

A: Yes, they wiil be perfectly safe in our purpose built kennels. They are sound proof, fully aircon, have nightlights and also radio playing 24/7 so they won’t hear a thing! We also have an onsite manager, Emily, who will check on them.

Q: What should I bring?

A: We supply food and bedding so that is covered but feel free to bring whatever makes your animal comfortable. We recommend bringing a shirt (worn) to help them settle in. Bedding, toys, kongs, slow feeding bowls, medication etc is all fine! Keep in mind we have plenty of bowls here for your animals

Q: Can my dogs be housed together?

A: Yes! We have rooms to accommodate this, you can also chose to house seperately if you wish.

Q: Can I come and walk through the Kennels/Cattery?

A: We encourage you to come down and have a look through our facilities, ask as many questions as you like and meet our team! We do have selected hours for inspections so check those out below

“My dogs were so well looked after. I was so worried about leaving my fur babies for two whole weeks but they came home happy, healthy and smelling divine.. will definitely use these boarding kennels again.”


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